˞͛๑ऀ •̆ꈊ͒ू•̆๑ऀ꒱           (⚠️seizure              warning⚠️)        

  ლ。。> ꒱ʘ̥̥̥̥ 人д⊃ 2ꐑ2¤
  0x000000EF     (CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIE  D)



Lamb skull, fairy lights, glittery foliage and EL wire
05.09. 2018

     Memorial piece to my friends lost to deaths of despair. The El wire is shaped into hand positions held by Buddha and gesture an expelling of demons, sprinkling of immortality(in the way that they will never be forgotton) and a blessing of protection (“do not fear”). Elements of Buddhism helped me a lot to get through experiencing those deaths